Pastoral Staff

John Cross
Senior Pastoral Assistant
John S. Cross serves as the Senior Pastoral Assistant for Metropolitan Interdenominational ... view details

Christopher Davis
Pastoral Assistant
Christopher Davis is a 1994 graduate of the American Baptist College. Originally from ... view details

Clifford Smith
Pastoral Assistant

Darria "DJ" Hudson
Darria Hudson (best known as D. J.) is currently a Master's of Divinity student at ... view details

Marcella Lockhart
Pastoral Assistant
Marcella F. Lockhart, third oldest of eight siblings. Mother of two sons and grandmother of ... view details

Mary Jo Smiley
Pastoral Assistant

Neely Williams
Pastoral Assistant
Reverend Neely Williams is the Program Director of Interdenominational Ministers’ ... view details

Stephanie Thompson
Pastoral Assistant

Terry Terrell Blackwell

Administrative Staff

Cynthia Winfield
Administrative Assistant to The Senior Servant
Rev. Walter Grant
Grants Management Coordinatoor