The people involved in our ministries are ready to help you grow personally and enjoy the opportunities to celebrate together with your peers and family. Some people come because they enjoy the teaching and worship; others because they make new friends. Click on the ministry category that you are interested in for specific information on classes, times, locations, and activities.

First Response Center

The First Response Center (FRC), established by Metropolitan Interdenominational Church in 1993, provides a wide range of HIV and substance abuse related services. The FRC primarily works with economically disadvantaged and marginalized individuals who are at risk of contracting HIV. People who use the FRC are people who are less likely to know about or have access to other services in the community..

Partners for life

Partners for Life (PFL) is an international ministry, established in 2000 in partnership with Agape Child Care Center in Durban, South Africa. The ministry began providing financial, educational, health and material support to children impacted by HIV/AIDS. Since that time, PFL has supported communities throughout Africa and most recently, Haiti. 
Partners for Life aspires to (1) create access to education, (2) improve students’ academic functioning, and (3) encourage students to meaningfully contribute to their community, locally and/or globally